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By using this fundraising tool to rally your friends and family, you WILL make a difference. We need your help TODAY!

The secure online fundraiser helps you spread the word and tracks the results of your fundraising efforts. You can use it to raise money through an event, like a run or a school dance, or you can simply send an email to contacts to ask them to support your fundraiser. Your supporters may be eligible to receive tax receipts.

Please understand that although the Humanitarian Coalition encourages individuals and/or groups to use our name, logos and images to promote their event, this use of our materials does not constitute an endorsement by the Humanitarian Coalition of the event or group.

As the event organizer, you are responsible for obtaining any insurance, permits, or licenses from relevant authorities where applicable and are accepting full responsibility for any financial, personal and legal liabilities associated with the event.

Please also accept our hearty appreciation for all your efforts!


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